Google Classrooms

We hope you find the information below useful in helping you to understand, use and access Google Classroom, our online platform for home learning.

Google Classroom is a web-based learning environment. When logged into Google Classroom, students can collaborate with their peers and teachers. Google Classroom offers a digital safe space for students to view class tasks, access learning materials, view posted assignments, and turn in completed work.

Accessing Google Classroom

Pupils can access Google Classroom using the mobile apps (Android and iOS), or via a web browser by visiting They should sign in using their email address that they have been given by their teacher.

Once pupils have logged in, they will see the class overview page. From here they can see their class group and a summary of any work due.

Step-by-step parent instructions on how to access and use Google Classroom can be downloaded below. We have also added a useful Parent Guide. 

We would suggest that after accessing your child’s classroom, you and your child familiarise yourself with the platform together. This is where teachers will set work and send messages within the class stream. There will be a range of ‘assignments’ posted and some of the tasks can be uploaded/completed online for the teacher to view. If you are struggling with accessing Google Classrooms please contact the School Office who will be able to assist you.

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