At Westwood Primary School, all the adults around you think that your health, safety and welfare are very important. In our school, we respect all children and want to keep you safe and help to protect your rights. All adults in school are trusted adults, who you can talk to at anytime; our staff are specially trained to help you and your family. Our school Safeguarding and Child Protection Policy for further information.

How are we going to protect you ?

  • We will provide a safe environment for you to learn in.
  • We want to ensure that you remain safe at home as well as in school.
  • We think that it is important for you to know where to get help if you are worried or unhappy about something

If you have a concern or worry, you can:

  • Speak to Mrs Martin who is the Designated Safeguarding Lead or our Deputy Designated Safeguarding Leads -Mr Masson or Mrs Lincoln. It is their job to keep you safe.
  • Talk to any adult in school – including your teacher.

Who are my trusted adults ?

Who else can I speak to?

Don’t keep it a secret if someone is:
Bullying you
If you think an adult or child is bullying you or someone that you know, then you must tell a teacher/parent/ carer or someone that you trust.

Hitting, punching or smacking you
If an adult or another child punches, hits or smacks you, a teach-er/parent/carer or a trusted adult must be told straight away. It will not stop until you do!

Saying funny things to you
If someone is saying things to you that you do not like or which upset you, you must tell a teacher/parent/carer or a trusted adult so that they can stop this happening.

Touching you
Your body belongs to you and nobody else. If you do not like the way someone has touched you, you must tell a teacher/parent/ carer or a trusted adult.

Sending unkind messages on the phone or on the computer

It is important to keep yourself safe on your computer, games console or on your phone. If you are unhappy with comments or any images you might see then you must tell a teacher/parent/ carer or a trusted adult.

Trying to give you presents
Presents are a good thing to get but you must not take gifts with out checking with your parents first. If it doesn’t seem right then you must tell a trusted adult as soon as you can.