Changing Materials

Our lesson this week had the children really excited!

We investigated changing materials and how we can reverse some changes that we make, but not all. All the children got to create their own mixtures and solutions, and using various methods to try to reverse the changes!

Why not take a look at some of the photos below and see the fantastic solutions we made….



On Monday we began our new maths topic: Written methods for multiplication and division. After using place value counters to help us understand the process of exchanging, we completed written calculations involving 3 and 4 digit numbers. Long multiplication is tricky….but we’re now experts!


Happy New Year!

What a healthy start year 5 have had! This morning Blackburn Rovers came in to complete some Physical Literacy challenges and measure our fitness levels. We had great fun running, jumping and showing off our throwing and catching skills. We can now compare the results with the data collected in September and see how our regular PE lessons each week positively affect us!


Blackburn Rovers Experience

After a full afternoon of football and dodgeball, year 5 and 6 were given a tour of Ewood Park today. Everyone had a fabulous time despite the very cold conditions! Huge thanks to Mr McGregor and his team who helped us celebrate the end of our Move and Learn project in style.

William Morris

After weeks of studying the work of William Morris and creating our own repeating patterns, today we used polystyrene tiles to make printing blocks. Along the theme of nature, we scratched imprints of leaves, birds and flowers into our blocks before printing in our sketch pads. We rotated our patterns and created some lovely pieces of art work. Next week we will add extra detail and colour!

Mr Spink

Like a litter of excited puppies, year 5 read chapter 2 of Street Child by Berlie Doherty today! Through the introduction of a new character, we learnt more about Jim Jarvis and his family’s destitute situation. Whilst acting out the story with costumes and props, we considered whether we were supposed to like or dislike Mr Spink and discussed how the author swayed our viewpoint. Here are some of our thoughts and opinions…

Cubed Numbers

This week we have looked at multiples, factors, prime, square and cubed numbers! We are using a great deal of mathematical vocabulary to explain our thinking and develop our reasoning skills. Working practically, we figured out how to find cube numbers today…

Street Child

Street Child by Berlin Doherty is our new class novel! As part of our Victorian history topic, we will be studying the life of Jim Jarvis whose life took a difficult turn after the loss of his mother and father. This historical narrative will form the basis of all our English work this term as we delve into the character’s thoughts and feelings, discover the author’s motives and write diary entries, news reports, persuasive letters and finally….our own chapter! Watch this space.

Today we read the first paragraph and ‘text mapped’ it. This is a technique we use to help us think about the language features and the style of writing we will encounter in this type of novel. We areĀ able to perform the first paragraph off by heart!