Children in Need

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Meeting the challenge.

Our school motto is “Enjoy the challenge”. I think our new reception children are definitely enjoying the challenge. Although they have only been in for a week, they have made friends, explored their classroom, joined in large and small group activities and started to share their first reading book.

Have a look at their first few days and the activities they have been involved in.


First Day

What a wonderful new class!

Mrs. Moore and Mrs. Mills have been so excited over the summer, waiting to re-meet the children. What a lovely first day it has been. The children all started on the first day¬† but came in as a morning group and an afternoon group. This helped the children remember friends made from “Transition Days” and enabled Mrs.Mills to give all children that little extra attention.

The children looked very beautiful in their new school uniforms and many a mum had a little cry when saying good bye. I think the dad’s got a little teary too.

We have an exciting first week planned so look out for the photos to come showing the children making friends and working extremely hard.

What beautiful smiles.

Transition Days 2

This week we have been looking at the children using their indoor classroom. Now children are becoming used to their new environment we are ensuring they know the classroom rules. This involves becoming used to “The Westwood Way” and following the class teachers’ expectations.

Transition Days

During July the class of 2017-2018 had many opportunities to come and visit their new school and make new friends. They met their new teachers and investigated their indoor and outdoor classroom. They had lots of fun.

Here the children have been finding out about all the fun things we can do outdoors. We have played on our climbing frame, used role-play equipment and costume and had fun in construction and sand and water play. Sometimes the children played on their own, sometimes they played in groups. Some children have already made new friends and others met old friends from nursery. This year we had 18 nurseries feed into our new class and many children came not knowing any other children. How lovely to see them feeling happy and secure in their new setting.