Come and Visit London!

After learning all about Paddington, year 2 have been finding out about the place he lives – London!

We have spent the week researching different landmarks and writing a non-chronological report about our capital city.

Today we brought together all of our learning and created information leaflets complete with illustrations and historical facts!  Look how hard we worked to publish our writing…

Water Colour Painting

Today we learnt how to use small artist brushes to paint small spaces. We talked about the correct way to hold a thin brush and how to get the best out of our water colour paints. When we add more water, our colour gets lighter. When we add more paint, the colour is deeper. We enjoyed experimenting this afternoon and whilst listening to some relaxing music, we really focused and created some beautiful pictures.

Mr Sutcliffe has worked very hard recently to develop our outdoor space. As a treat for working so hard on our Paddington stories yesterday, we went to play in the Explorer’s Zone.

It was amazing. First of all we used a range of tools to dig and transport mud around the garden area and played in the potting shed. Then we played ‘camping’ and made a prretend fire and set up a sitting area in the woods. We moved over to the den building area next and used a variety of waterproof sheets, army cargo netting and clips to create our own fun spaces to play with our friends. So much team work, cooperation and listening skills were developed as all the children worked together in groups.

Before heading back to class the children explored the wooded area for minibeasts using magnifying glasses. We found alsorts of creatures under logs, leaves and in between branches in the trees. After a short play with the diggers and tractors in the quite zone, we tidied up got ready for home time.

What a fabulous play space- thank you Mr Sutcliffe

4 in a Row!

Today we played ‘4 in a row’ which really put our times table skills to the test! Everyone enjoyed playing it so much, the room was buzzing.

Check out the competitive look on everyone’s faces as they rolled dice and raced to win and colour in ‘4 in a row’!


Our science topic this half term is ‘Plants’. We have been talking about what plants need to grow and how we can keep them healthy.

Thanks to Kate’s mum, we had an abundance of sunflower seeds and pots to start off our topic yesterday. Thanks Mrs Melling!


This week we have been learning about words which sound the same but have different spelling e.g. Bare and bear!

Today we worked in teams to match a whole host of homophones in record time!

How many homophones can you think of?




This term our English topic is Paddington. We are reading the famous story ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ by Michael Bond and are enjoying some good ‘book talk’ each day!

After a discussion about marmalade sandwiches, we decided to make our own.

We then wrote a recount about our delicious snacks including conjunctions and adverbs (Our targets for this term). Our writing was just as amazing as the sandwiches!