This term our English topic is Paddington. We are reading the famous story ‘A Bear Called Paddington’ by Michael Bond and are enjoying some good ‘book talk’ each day!

After a discussion about marmalade sandwiches, we decided to make our own.

We then wrote a recount about our delicious snacks including conjunctions and adverbs (Our targets for this term). Our writing was just as amazing as the sandwiches!


Music Class

Yesterday we learned how to play Twinkle Twinkle on the xylophone. Taking four notes at a time and working together, we performed in front of each other as we put together the first half of the tune.

Our New Outdoor Classroom

In order to prepare for our tests this week, we took to the outdoor classroom and put our maths skills into practice on the new chalk boards. Using the super chalk pens donated to us by the PTFA, we worked out halves, quarters and solved missing number problems whilst working in small groups.


After watching out caterpillars munching their way through a week’s worth of food and crawling around their special house, we finally saw them create cocoons and emerge as butterflies this week! We had a lovely afternoon in our school grounds as we set them free to flutter through the trees and bushes yesterday. However, there were a couple that just didn’t want to leave us – they hung around for some photographs before disappearing on the summer breeze…

Snack Time

Before our special tests this week, we had a lovely breakfast of hot chocolate, biscuits and fruit. It set us up well and helped us concentrate to the best of our ability. All the children in year 2 worked hard and performed brilliantly!

Bench Ball

This is one of our favourite games at the moment! We love working as a team to dodge the opponents ball and rescue our own players from being caught. We can follow the rules and think tactically to secure a win for our team!

Vincent Van Gogh

Using pastels, we created our own sunflower pictures in art today. ┬áThere are some budding artists in year 2, that’s for sure!


Today we have been measuring! Thinking about mm, cm and m, we took to the playground and found out the length of tiny objects such as leaves…right up to huge things like the wobbly bridge.

We even began to measure ourselves!

Gymnastics Fun

Each week Jill from Blackburn Rovers comes in to teach us gymnastics skills. This week we have been learning about ‘basic stance’ and the ‘straddle position’. We used a range of apparatus to practise them!